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Far Ralia

Inverness-shire, Scotland

Far Ralia is a unique landscape scale habitat restoration project that combines both woodland creation and peatland restoration. The native woodland creation element of the project has been designed with minimum intervention in mind. 

Akre Trees UK


Stirlingshire, Scotland

The potential woodland comprises of a native broad leaf strategy mixed with commercial timber extraction of existing plantations in a traditional Scottish estate setting.

Akre Trees UK


Kingdom of Fife, Scotland

The project comprises of 6 blocks of a native broad leaf woodland planted on areas of unproductive grassland on Kilrie Estate.

Akre Trees UK


Highlands, Scotland

Situated in a remote glen near Tarbet on the west coast of Scotland, the project will plant 13,500 mixed native woodland trees alongside Loch Nevis with the aim of biodiversity creation and carbon capturing. 

Akre Trees UK


West Coast, Scotland

A largescale and long-term project involving the reestablishment of native forestry across the Knoydart peninsula, under partnership with the Knoydart Forest Trust.

Akre Trees UK

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