Akre Trees UK


Kingdom of Fife, Scotland

The project comprises of 6 blocks of a native broad leaf woodland planted on areas of unproductive grassland on Kilrie Estate.

Carbon Sequestration

24,748 carbon sequestered over the life of the project.

Project Details

  • 38 Ha mixed native woodland.
  • The project is a prime example of an estate using areas of unproductive land to create environmental benefits and a new income stream.
  • Native tree species provides the basis for a recovery of natural ecosystems and creation of co benefits.
    • Project duration – 100 years.


    Native woodlands provide an incredibly diverse and indispensable range of benefits for ecosystems and human derived ecosystem services.

    • Habitat creation and ecosystem regeneration
    • Water purification
    • Oxygen production and air purification.
    • Flood risk management.
    • Soil creation and erosion arrestation
    • Carbon sequestration and pollution entrapmentĀ 
    • Raw materials
    • Public amenity and recreation