Akre Trees UK


Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Situated in a remote glen near Tarbet on the west coast of Scotland, the project will plant 13,500 mixed native woodland trees alongside Loch Nevis with the aim of biodiversity creation and carbon capturing. The project is part of a wider vision to link woodland habitats across the Knoydart Peninsula.

Carbon Sequestration

20,286 carbon sequestered over the life of the project.

Project Details

  • Largescale project situated on open grassland.
  • Significant habitat creation and biodiversity value
  • Project duration – 100 years.


Native woodlands provide an incredibly diverse and indispensable range of benefits for ecosystems and human-derived ecosystem services.

  • Habitat creation and ecosystem regeneration
  • Water purification
  • Oxygen production, air purification and pollution entrapment
  • Flood risk mitigation
  • Soil regeneration and erosion prevention
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Amenity and recreation