Our Carbon Journey

Carbon offsets are the last step in the journey to reaching net zero.

It might seem strange coming from a company that develops and sells carbon credits but there are important steps to go through before offsetting. Here we outline what we have done to become the world’s first verified carbon negative tree nursery.

We contacted Zero Waste Scotland who assigned us an Energy Consultant to carry out a carbon audit of our tree nursery and supply chain.

This audit showed us that our current emissions were 342.8 CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). It also outlined that by using a combination of LED lighting, solar photovoltaic panels, battery storage and renewable heating, we could reduce that figure to 92.56 CO2e. This equates to a 77% reduction in emissions.

The final step for us was to purchase 250 verified woodland carbon units from a biodiverse native woodland restoration project that have been retired against these emissions. This allows us to claim that we are currently carbon negative. We also have a strategy to purchase credits again after three years to offset our ongoing emissions. This doesn’t mean we will stop reducing our emissions. Each year we will conduct an audit to assess our emissions, and reduce where possible.

Akre Trees UK

Our Energy Efficiency and Carbon Assessment