Optimising the next generation of woodlands

Akre Trees UK

Our mission is to secure a seed and tree supply for our clients and ensure that these two main bottlenecks to woodland creation are overcome.

Akre Trees UK

Seed Collection

Our seed is collected from the land that the seedlings will return to. Our team of seed collectors guarantee provenance and biosecurity.

Optimising the next generation of woodlands depends on ensuring the seed from which they grow is the best it can be. We combine the best provenance collections with our own capacity to collect seed from the sites we manage. This both enhances the woodlands productivity and ensures the highest standard of biosecurity. Collecting seed from the location the trees will be growing is the best way to be sure the trees are appropriate for each specific woodland creation project.

Akre Trees UK

Efficient Propagation

Akre produces trees using the Ellepot forestry propagation system. Air pruning guarantees faster and healthier root development and enhanced root structure. This means that the young plant has a much higher chance of survival in the field which in turn translates to reduced establishment and beat up costs for woodland creation projects.

Our propagation system was custom-made by Ellepot. The Ellepot system is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that results in higher yield per plant, and faster transplanting and handling.

Propagation Machine

The Ellepot Multiflex system allows us to automate the sowing within our nursery.


Using Ellepot’s paper pot system is key to producing the best quality plants with excellent root systems.


Our Proptek trays can take the Ellepot paper pot and can be loose filled offering us versatility in propagation.

Akre Trees UK

Our footprint is as small as possible.

Using the principles of sustainable intensification and circular economy, we have maximised output on the smallest footprint of land possible.

Akre Trees UK


Our water is collected and recycled. Rain water is collected on site meaning our water supply is totally off grid.

Akre Trees UK


Our energy is produced on site. Using a combination of solar and battery, our nursery is self sufficient. Our cutting edge glasshouse is supplemented with GE Current LED grow lights to ensure the highest quality tree production.