Akre Trees UK

Going beyond

business as usual

by helping you help the planet

Who we are

At Akre, we are natural capital solutions experts who are on a mission to help organisations help the planet.

We believe that business and nature are not mutually exclusive and that an economic system that creates value and enhances nature simultaneously is possible.

What we do

Akre consists of three divisions:

  • Akre Capital
  • Akre Trees
  • Akre Exchange

Each is able to work independently or in conjunction, depending on your needs. Through these divisions, we empower organisations to shift their relationships with nature from extractive to regenerative.

Akre Natural Capital
Akre Trees
Akre Carbon Market Exchange
Akre Natural Capital

Natural Capital Consultancy

We design bespoke nature-based strategies, delivering and managing ecological restoration plans.

Akre Trees

Glasshouse Tree Nursery

The world’s first verified carbon negative tree nursery, guaranteeing tree supply and seed provenance.

Akre Carbon Market Exchange

Natural Capital Exchange

Offset exchange platform that connects businesses to nature-based projects. The place to buy and sell natural capital.